New Products At Nease

DDBSA Derivatives
Naxate® 260L – Calcium DDBSA for Agricultural Emulsions
Naxsoft® 40S – Sodium DDBSA (40%) for General Purpose Liquid Detergents
Naxsoft® 60T – TEA DDBSA 60% for Hand Wash and Fine Fabric Care

Phosphate Esters
Naxonac® AA for Agricultural Adjuvant & Spray Aide Applications
Naxonac® D6PE Surfactant plus hydrotrope for HI&I Applications
Naxonac® 184 for Lubricity Performance in Metalworking Fluid Applications
Naxonac® 817 LF Low Foaming and Non-ferrous Corrosion Protection in Metalworking Fluids
Naxonac® T-50 Latex Emulsion Polymerization Emulsifier

Specialty Surfactants
Hostapur® SAS-30/60/93 – Secondary Alkane Sulfonate, Environmentally Friendly & Hydrolytic Stable
Naxsoft® LAO – Lauryl Amine Oxide, Mild High Foaming Applications
Naxsoft® NA-8 – Sodium Octane Sulfonate, Low Foaming Wetting Agent
Naxsoft® SAS – Premium Surfactant for Chlorine Stable High Foaming Applications