Oil Field

Nease has historically offered several chemistries for use either down hole or for completion, well treatment, and oil & gas production. The portfolio of products continues to expand – Nease also has the ability to expand the product portfolio further by making small modifications to current chemistries.

Nease is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is part of the growing International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG) out of Frankfurt, Germany, and the WeylChem Group of Companies. For more information, visit their websites at www.ic-investors.com or www.weylchem.com

Dispersants for Well Cementing
Dispersant/surfactant blend, excellent fluid loss control, reduces slurry viscosity, decreased pumping time.
Naxan®CD1 – Dry powder – 97%. Naphthalene Sulfonate with added surfactants

Asphaltene Inhibitors/Slop Oil Recovery
To reduce/remove Asphaltene deposits in pipelines, to reclaim slop oil and sludge oil.
Naxan®DIA – Diisopropyl Naphthalene Sulfonic Acid

Multi-purpose Surfactants
Wetting agents, foam control, emulsifiers, detergents
Naxsoft®, Naxonate® hydrotropes, WeylClean® detergents, DDBSA Salts, SXS/SCS, SAS

Customized Phosphate esters
Corrosion inhibition, scale control
Multiple Naxonac® Products – phosphate esters

Oil Recovery
Secondary and Tertiary Enhanced Oil recovery (EOR)
WeylClean® (Secondary Alkane Sulfonate)

Aromatic Sulfonic Acids
Well acid stimulation, PH adjuster, Catalyst for Steam EOR
Multiple Naxcat® products (Sulfonic Acid – Toluene, Xylene, Cumene)